Monterey Baptist Church
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Children's Worship Center

Linda Poe (Worship Leader)
Ages 4, 5 and Grades K-
Our Children's  Worship Service is an engaging worship experience, where children are involved in relevant and uplifting messages designed just for them. Children will understand that the Bible is relevant to their life now.
During the hour the children are involved in many exiting activities.  The "Attention Grabber" is a creative illustration that captures the children's attention and helps them focus on the worship topic.  Children have a time of music and singing, using their whole body to praise God in song.  The Bible event is a message presented creatively using an object lesson, a dramatic illustration, puppets, audience interaction, group art, or video.  Kids enjoy getting up and moving around, so a learning game is provided which illustrates the learning point.  Different opportunities are provided for children to model prayer and participate in prayer.   An offering is received to provide children the opportunity to thank God for all His blessings.
Kids will have fun.  They will be active and engaged in a purposeful time of worship.  Our prayer is for children to know Jesus as their Savior and develop a personal relationship with Him. 

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