Monterey Baptist Church
Wednesday, December 08, 2021
Meaningful Membership Matters

Music Ministry

Len Walker (Worship Leader)
Monterey Baptist Church is truly blessed with a wide variety of musical talent.  Stan Poe leads our music ministry which includes; Congregation Singing, Worship Choir, Worship Band, Soloists, Duets quartets and visiting Gospel Groups.   An "Open Mic-Night" is frequently scheduled on a Sunday evening when we spend the evening worshiping in song as various members share their talent that the Lord has given them.  
Music specials are always a blessing in our worship service.  If you would like to prepare a vocal or instrumental selection, just contact the Music Director, Len Walker that your special can become part of a particular Sunday worship service.  Also, if you play an instrument and would like to contribute to the worship service, please contact the Music Director.