Monterey Baptist Church
Saturday, April 21, 2018
Pastor Daryl L. Poe

Upcoming Sermon

 Morning Message
April 22, 2018
11:00 am

Psalm 51

"Renew A Right Spirit Within Me"


It has been a year since I answered the call to serve as Senior Pastor of Monterey Baptist.  As we move forward, our aim is to encourage and promote meaningful church membership for everyone.  My earnest desire is to grow a ministry of revitalization.  Revitalization is not just for churches that are dying.  Revitalization is for any and all churches that desire to make an intentional effort to see the mission of the church renewed and moving toward sustainable health.

Revitalization is not about a new program: it is about a renewed walk with our Lord.  Church revitalization is people revitalization.  It necessitates a personal passion and priority for loving one another, prayer, the Bible, and sharing the gospel.  

Revitalization is God's sovereign work, but it is also our call to confidently join Him; knowing our definitive revitalization is assured when Christ returns. Until then, our battleground is the world for which Jesus died and to which the church is sent. What ultimately happens in our world depends upon what first happens in our local church. 

Meaningful Church Membership truly does matter. 


   Afternoon Service will be a Presentation by Tom and Brenda Boberg

National Coordinators for The Church Renewal Journey




 No Evening Worship Service