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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Addendum 2: Covenant Agreement for Registered Sex Offender

Covenant Agreement for Registered Sex Offenders

Monterey Baptist Church affirms the dignity and worth of all persons. We are committed to being a community of faith open to those who desire worshipping with us, especially in times of serious personal trouble. However, based on your prior criminal conviction, we have concerns about your contact with children and youth in our congregation. The following guidelines are designed to reduce the risk, to both you and them, of an incident or accusation. We welcome you to our congregation and our membership, but your participation will be limited to ensure the safety of our children and youth and to assure that you will not be subject to future accusations.

Within these guidelines, the congregation welcomes your participation in any adult worship services, fellowships, committee meetings, adult education, all adult social events and well supervised intergenerational events.

You understand that you will not be allowed to volunteer or chaperone events for children and adolescents, including children’s religious education classes, talks with children/adolescents during worship, youth group, children’s and adolescents’ activities during intergenerational events, and driving children and young people.

Do not volunteer or agree to be involved in any events for children and youth. Remain in the presence of adults at all times when children are present.

The following activities checked “Yes” are activities that we feel are appropriate for your participation:

_____Worship Services ___ with Accountability Partner          ____ without Accountability Partner

_____Fellowships                 ___ with Accountability Partner   ____ without Accountability Partner
____ Adult Meetings without children in building

____ Adult Meetings with children in building (example: Choir)

____ Have a key to the building

____ Intergenerational church activities with Accountability Partner    

____ Intergenerational group outings with Accountability Partner         

____ Alone in building with pastor or other staff person
_____Access to church computer or wifi password

_____Social activities in other member’s homes with children present with Accountability Partner

_____Other: _______________________________________________________

*An Accountability Partner is a person of the same sex who knows about your history/situation and has been designated by you with our approval, or by Monterey Baptist staff, to accompany you to activities where children and youth may be present. This person may not be a family member.

I accept that appropriate ministry leaders may be told of my circumstances and the limitations of this covenant.

I have reviewed this covenant and agree to abide by its provisions. I agree that if I violate this agreement in any way, I will be denied access to future church functions and church property. 

I understand that this contract will be reviewed regularly, possibly as often as every six months, and will remain in effect for an indefinite period of time. Continuation of this covenant may be dependent upon my continuing participation in treatment and/or recovery program.

The individual terms of this covenant may be changed by Monterey Baptist at any time for any reason deemed appropriate by the Deacon Body. 

This covenant may only be concluded by appropriate Monterey Baptist Deacon Body.

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