Monterey Baptist Church
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Pastor Daryl L. Poe

Christmas Revelation

by Rev. Daryl L. Poe
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the church, 
Satan sneered laughing from his self-righteous perch.
Inside candles aflame, red-orange all aglow,
Outside, a facade of sheer beauty, all covered with snow.
Familiar carols were sung lifeless, without any joy,
While the manger was filled by a mere replica boy.
Elders sat present in their self-designated pew,
Enduring the inconvenience… if only a few.
Sarcastically asking as they gazed all around,
“Could not our dear brethren this evening be found?”
When out in the yard there arose such a fuss,
One made supposedly by an unruly youth bus.
Remembering no need of having such an odd thing,
Everyone quickly returned to their hymnals to sing.
“Joy to the World” was sung loudly and clear
Making the noise outside now nothing to fear.
While lowly singing “Away in the Manger,” 
The Pastor gently assured, "There was no real danger.”
Worshipping now comfortably and staying inside,
The church remained ignorantly blissful, just trying to hide.
When a startling knock at their front foyer was heard,
They continued their service, not sharing the Word.
No movement within, though the knocking grew stronger, 
Steadfastly convinced, "It can't continue much longer!"
Annoyed with it all, though the Pastor did preach,
“A lesson to be learned, a valued moral to teach"
“The sermon’s near finished, and I greatly suspect,
Our worship time these poor wanderers chose to neglect."
"They knew our service began sharply at seven,
When the rapture arrives, they’ll be late for heaven.”
The door creaked open, quietly the Lord entered in
The church fell silent; they knew their great sin.
“Christmas Eve Service” they had a marquee proclaim, 
“Everyone’s Welcome” now hung there in shame.
“No room" God's Chosen once angrily did cry,
Now "Christians" sadly echo that same damnable lie.
Lukewarm Churches aren't scarce; there's always plenty,
Their invitation from Christ is found in Revelation 3:20
You see, the real Christmas story is saving; 'tis true,
But only dear Church, when others see Jesus in YOU.