Monterey Baptist Church
Friday, November 15, 2019
Pastor Daryl L. Poe

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

 10:00 am

Children's Division:  Bible Studies for Life

Unit 1:      God Helps Me
          June          2            The Ascension 
          June          9            The Holy Spirit Empowers Witnesses
          June        16            Stephen
          June        23            Philip and the Ethiopian
          June        30            Saul's Conversion 
Unit 2:     Go and Tell 
                   July             7         Peter and Cornelius 
          July           14         The Antioch Church Helped
          July           21         People Prayed for Peter
          July           28         Paul and Barnabas Told About Jesus
Unit 3:      Learn About Jesus
          August        4         Lydia Learned About Jesus
          August       11        Paul Taught in Athens
          August       18        Priscilla and Aquila Learned About Jesus
          August       25        Paul Taught in Rome

Youth Division

The Gospel Project

Unit 10: God Provides a King
     June             2        God Calls a Prophet
     June             9        God Rescues His Ark
     June           16        God Rejects a King
Unit 11: God Provides a Godly King
     June           23        A Shepherd Slays a Giant
     June           30        A Fugitive Spares His Rival
     July             7         A Servant Receives God's Promise
     July           14         A King Shows Kindness
     July           21         A Sinner Receives Forgiveness
     July           28         The Good Shepherd
Unit 12: God Provides a Wise King
     August        4          A Son Requests Wisdom
     August       11         A Son Learns True Wisdom
     August       18         A Son Builds the Temple
     August       25         A Son Rejects Wisdom

Adult Division:  

     Structured Bible Study:   Faith and Providence


UNIT I:      A Call to Faith

    June               2          Abram Called by God

    June               9         Dwelling in Canaan

    June              16        Abram Blessed by Melchizedek

    June              23        Abram's Exemplary Faith

 UNIT II:      Maturing Faith

    June              30        Abram's First Son

    July                7        An Everlasting Covenant

    July              14        The Son of Promise

    July              21        Hagar and Ishmael Cast Out 

    July              28        A Test of Faith

UNIT III:      Providential Blessings

   August            4        God's Choice for Isaac

   August           11        Isaac and Rebekah

   August           18       Sons for Isaac and Rebekah

   August           25       Isaac's Abundant Blessings



Study in Proverbs


Discovery Class (new / prospective members)

     Session            1          What We Believe: Our Purpose, Values, Missional Journey, Vision

   Session           2           Our Church Covenant

   Session           3           Constitution and By-Laws: Article 1, 2, 3 Membership

   Session           4           Article 4: Ordinances

   Session           5           Article 5: Officers (Pastor)

   Session           6           Article 5: Officers (Deacons)

   Session           7           Article 6: Meetings

   Session           8           Article 7 -11 (Amendments, Organizations and Committees, Affiliation,                                                      Church Financial Support, Church Fiscal Year)

   Session           9          Article 12: Statement on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality, Marriage Policy

   Session         10          Policy for Registered Sex Offenders

   Session         11          Statement on Church Discipline

   Session         12         Statement on Mediation and Arbitration / Statement of Final Authority on                                                   Matters of Faith and Conduct