Monterey Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Pastor Daryl L. Poe

Lay Renewal Weekend

Dear Church Member,

I encourage your prayer for and participation in our upcoming Lay Renewal Weekend on April 5-7, 2019.  You may be wondering, “What exactly is the Lay Renewal Weekend and why should I participate?”   


The Lay Renewal Weekend is the Awakening step for the Church Renewal Journey and a vital part of our revitalization efforts.  It is an opportunity to re-awaken the church to its purpose and passion.  It takes believers, wherever they are in their spiritual journey, and refreshes them with a godly perspective of their role in service to others. This is an inward journey that renews and restores the love of Christ to those seeking a fresh encounter with Him.  This weekend also brings the church together as a family.

The Lay Renewal Weekend is an experience of caring and sharing love for each other and an experience of persons giving themselves openly and with vulnerability.  A group of dedicated men and women who are at various levels of Christian ministry will come from other churches and communities to share with us what Christ means to them.  These are laypersons, not professionals---neither are they perfect Christians.  They are ordinary people searching for spiritual reality and struggling in their relationships with God.  Each has begun to find an answer, and each is willing to share it with others.
These men and women are willing to talk about their spiritual walk and they are willing to listen!  They will listen to church members as they share their doubts, dilemmas, hopes, and dreams about Christ and His church.  Through this sharing with one another, in countless instances of miracles of renewal and transformation have taken place by the action of God’s Spirit.

The Lay Renewal Weekend focuses on deep, full, complete commitment of self to Jesus Christ.  The term “total commitment” is used often throughout the weekend.  It is defined as “committing as much of myself as I know to as much of Christ as I understand now.”  Renewal is essential to awaken the “sleeping giant” –the laity. God’s plan to redeem the world always has been to show the world He is real through every believer.  

Ultimately the battleground for the Christian is in the world. It is the world for which Christ died. It is the world to which we as Christians are sent. What ultimately happens in the world depends upon what first happens in the local church. God chose to involve you, the church in His great redemptive world mission. Genuine renewal will impact individual believers, the church, and the world for Christ.
Join us as we begin The Journey!
Bro. Daryl