Monterey Baptist Church
Monday, January 22, 2018
Pastor Daryl L. Poe

The Journey: Adult Discipleship

Wednesday Nights at 7:00 pm

Our Pastor Daryl Poe leads the Adult Discipleship training.  Our focus is develop a church-wide culture of intentional discipleship so we may connect, grow and serve The Kingdom of Christ through the church ministries.




Click on above logo for Our Introduction to Disciple's Path: The Journey

There's a disciple-maker inside every Christian.


When a baby is born, people immediately spring into action to clean, check, bathe, and warm the infant. All this is done in order to ensure that this new creation is well on his or her way to a life of growth, health, and maturity.

But when someone is born into Christ, we usually just congratulate them and send them into the world. As a result, churches are full of baby Christians who never fully developed spiritually, even if they were born decades earlier.


Disciple's Path: The Journey provides an intentional one-year mission toward maturity in Christ. It's a purposeful process covering four volumes, 13 sessions each. The Journey was created to nurture believers into disciples who make disciples. 

 Discipleship is easier when you know what steps to take.

 Being born again is just the first step. But many new believers never move beyond that. Disciples Path: The Journey provides an intentional one-year plan that shows a Christian how to follow Jesus and then lead others to do the same.  Our church is taking the first step down this path together.

The Journey: Volume 4 Begins December 13, 2017