Monterey Baptist Church
Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Meaningful Membership Matters

The CLEAR Path



The Church Leadership Education And Renewal Path (CLEAR Path), is an intentional plan for maturing in Christlike servant leadership. CLEAR Path consists of four workshops focused on strengthening the Deacon Ministry Team's servant leadership knowledge, skills, and biblical abilities.

Each workshop consists of six sessions.  Participants are currently restricted to Active Deacons and potential Deacon candidates. All books, video access and training materials are provided.

A key component of the CLEAR Path is the development of individual Ministry Action Plans (MAP).  The MAP guides the Deacon in his spiritual growth and ministry while focusing on his relationships with the Deacon Team and his church family.  Each Deacon is required to create personal leadership and discipleship goals in conjunction with the pastor. 

The purpose of the CLEAR Path is to cultivate a Pastor-Deacon led Family Discipleship Ministry anchored in biblical manhood and womanhood.  This is our biblical ministry to enable Monterey Baptist Church to remain biblically obedient, active, cohesive, and flourishing for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the Glory of God.

The CLEAR Path*


Workshop # 1:  The Mind of Christ                                                               Workshop # 2:  The Heart of Christ

The Deacon I Want to Be  (Hunt)                                                                      Deacon Partners in Ministry and Growth (Henry)

Session 1          The Deacon a Servant Leader                                                   Session 1              Partners in Purpose and Calling

Session 2          The Deacon a Disciple                                                              Session 2              Partners in Following Christ

Session 3          The Deacon and His Marriage                                                  Session 3              Partners in Ministry to People in Need

Session 4          The Deacon and His Worship                                                   Session 4              Partners in Ministry to Pastor and Staff

Session 5          The Deacon and His Walk                                                        Session 5              Partners in Spiritual Growth

Session 6          The Deacon and HIs Witness                                                    Session 6              Partners in Growing the Church


Workshop # 3:  The Hands of Christ                                                           Workshop # 4:   The Feet of Christ

Deacons: Growing in Character and Commitment  (Henry)                           The Inspired Deacon  (TBA)

Session 1          The Deacon and His Wisdom                                                 Session 1              Inspired to Grow

Session 2          The Deacon and His Walk                                                      Session 2              Inspired to Lead

Session 3          The Deacon and His Word                                                      Session 3              Inspired to Adapt

Session 4          The Deacon and His Wealth                                                    Session 4              Inspired to Witness

Session 5          The Deacon and His Wife                                                       Session 5              Inspired to Support

Session 6          The Deacon and His Watch                                                     Session 6              Inspired to Minister (Deacon & Wife)



 * Click to access Pastor Poe's doctoral project, "Cultivating a Model Pastor-Deacon Ministry at Monterey Baptist Church" from Boyce Library at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.