Monterey Baptist Church
Friday, November 17, 2017
Pastor Daryl L. Poe

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

 10:00 am

Children's Division:  

Unit 1: From the Start
          September   3         God Created the World
          September 10         God's Plan for People
          September 17         Noah
          September 24         Abram and Lot
Unit 2:  Love and Obey God
          October   1              King Saul
          October   8              God's Plan for David
          October 15              David and Goliath
          October 22              David and Jonathan
          October 29              King David
Unit 3:  God Will Help Me
          November  5           God Cared for Elijah
          November 12          God Protected Elijah
          November 19          Elisha and the Widow
          November 26          A Couple Helped Elisha
 Youth Division:

          The Gospel Project


Adult Division:  

     Structured Bible Study:   God's Urgent Call

UNIT I: Signs of God's Covenants

          September  3          The Rainbow

          September 10          Circumcision

          September 17          Sabbath Observance 

          September 24          A Spirit-Filled Heart
UNIT II: Called into Covenant with God

          October  1               God's Covenant with Abram

          October  8               God's Covenant with Israel

          October 15              Obeying God's Law

          October 22              God's Covenant with David

          October 29              God's Covenant with the Returned


UNIT III: An Everlasting Covenant

          November   5          Faithful God, Unfaithful People

          November 12          Promise of a New Covenant

          November 19          Mediator of the Covenant

          November 26          Remembering the Covenant


     Open Bible Study:  The Acts of the Apostles