Monterey Baptist Church
Monday, May 20, 2019
Pastor Daryl L. Poe

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

 10:00 am

Children's Division:  Bible Studies for Life

Unit 1:       Jesus, My Example
          March       3            Four Friends Helped 
          March     10            The Good Samaritan
          March     17            Mary and Martha 
          March     24            Jesus and Zacchaeus
          March     31            The Woman at the Well
Unit 2:     Jesus is Alive! 
          April           7         Jesus Washed the Disciple's Feet
          April         14         The Triumphal Entry
          April         21         Crucifixion and Resurrection
          April         28         Thomas Believed
Unit 3:      Talk to God
          May            5         Jesus Taught About Prayer
          May          12         Jesus Gave Thanks for Food
          May          19         Jesus Prayed in the Garden
          May          26         The Holy Spirit Helps Us Pray

Youth Division

The Gospel Project

Unit 7: God Guides His People
     March          3        Rebellion of God's People
     March        10        The Promises of God's Provision
     March        17        The Blessings on God's People
     March        24        The Promise of God's Presence
Unit 8: God Gives His People a Home
     March        31        The Call to Courage
     April            7        The Promise of Victory
     April          14        The Provision of Peace
     April          21         Fear Gives Way
Unit 9: God Delivers His People    
     April          28         The Pattern of Rebellion
     May             5         The Wisdom of a Deliverer
     May           12         The Weakness of a Rescuer
     May           19         The Humiliation of the Proud
     May           26         The Hope of the Redemption    

Adult Division:  

     Structured Bible Study:   New Teaching


UNIT I:      New In Christ

    March           3          A New Loyalty

    March          10         A New Affection

    March          17         A New Way of Life

    March          24         A New Understanding

 UNIT II:      New Growth

    March         31          A Growing Confidence 

    April             7          A Growing Awareness

    April           14          A Growing Resolve

UNIT III:      Christ's Authority Displayed

   April            21           Remember the True Gospel

   April            28          The Source of Paul's Gospel

   May                5          The Gospel of Faith Foretold

   May              12          The Gospel of Faith in Christ

   May              19          Heirs Because of the Gospel

   May              26          The Gospel in Action 

     Open Bible Study:  Proverbs